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Moving to a Traveler’s Notebook

Since graduating college, I’ve used Moleskine notebooks and planners. My most used Moleskine notebooks are the Classic Collection squared hard cover and soft covers, and the large yearly planner. I was using the notebooks for Morning Pages mainly, and the planner for my day-to-day tasks. However, I found that I wasn’t as motivated to write, and that part of it was the pressure of the large page, and of wanting to use the notebook for more than Morning Pages.

The Logistics of Classics

This article offers a short guide to reading Classics affordably. First off, I would say easily that Classics are the cheapest type of book to read in different formats (paper, digital, audiobook).

Here, when I talk about Classics, I’m talking about literature that is reputable. You can find many lists of Classics online through a quick Google search. I also recommend looking for YouTube videos about beginner-friendly Classics. At the end of this article, I’ll share three short Classics I recommend to start with.