Welcome to my site! I’m a writer, activist, and Tarot reader. If you’ve been here before, you can see that I’ve changed things up! I switched to a different theme for the sake of increase the amount of flexibility I have over the content, as well as the possibility to add e-commerce. I’ll still be updating my blog at least monthly. I write about work culture, spirituality, and the writing process, among other things I’m thinking about.

I’m a writer, activist, and Tarot reader. I’ve trying a lot of different things – improv, surfing, ceramics, Reiki training, getting my certificate in full stack software engineering coding bootcamp, starting a YouTube series called Coders Talk where I spoke to software engineers, working as a Private Investigator on over 400 cases with three different firms over the course of 5 years, writing two horror books and self-publishing one of them on Amazon called The Unwelcome Portal, and working as a Technical Writer.

I use this blog to record my experiences and thoughts about prominent themes in my life – from work to spirituality. I’m always seeking to understand the different parts of my life in more depth.

You can email me at falondarville at gmail.com.

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