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I'm Climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp

For the past two years (2022 and 2023), my goal was to travel to three countries per year. In 2024, I've decided to primarily focus on one adventure in one country - Nepal's Mount Everest. The idea flighted into my mind last year when I was discussing the location of Mount Everest with an Engineer at Cisco. Then it came back to me this week with a sudden and definitive calling.

I'm going to climb to Mount Everest Base Camp in 2024. I won't share the trekking company or the date I'm going for my safety. However, know that I've done my due diligence to pick a highly safe group to go with. I'm happy to share privately once the excursion is over.

So, why am I doing this? Well every so often, I get a satiable need to push myself to an extreme. In 2018, that was going to a coding bootcamp. Now, it's climbing a mountain. I need to test out my physical endurance, and more importantly, my mental endurance. I've practiced decided visualization and faith in achievement, so I know I can achieve this goal.

Note that when I say I'm climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp, that's not Summit. Base Camp is 12.5 miles away from Summit, since Summit is on the opposite end of the mountain. Trekking to Base Camp (with the group I've chosen) has a very high percentage of success rate.


I'll be sharing my methods of preparation in this blog in the coming year. Please note that I have expert consultants; I will not accept outside advice.

  • Pick the trek: This is done! I've put down my deposit and I'm all signed up. I picked a time of year to climb that would be conducive to my preference of cold. I found a company with expert sherpas and good accommodations along the way.
  • Create a budget: My Mount Everest Base Camp trek budget includes: international plane tickets, trek fee, Nepal visa, equipment costs, cash to carry, and high elevation insurance. I have a good amount of time to slowly shop for the best equipment that suits my body and needs, so the cost won't hit all at once. In total, I estimate I'll spend about ten thousand dollars for the whole expedition.
  • Buy the equipment: Climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp requires significant equipment (more so if you go to the top). I have a long list of equipment I need to purchase.
  • Physically train: I've started training - weight lifting, running, hiking, and stretching. As the months of training go on, I will be wearing weight on my back during exercise to strengthen myself, and to prep for carrying my day backpack up the mountain.
  • Mentally train: I believe that the most difficult component of the climb will be the mental aspect. Oxygen will be low, I'll be tired and wet, and we'll have many obstacles. My most important task is to remain absolutely certain that I will finish.

Preparation Progress

So far, I've done quite a bit of research on what I need to bring to accommodate the harsh climate and also my hypermobility. I've also made some purchases: backpack, headlight, top base layer, bottom base layers, neck buff, trekking poles, 1L bottles, fleece sweater, towel, down puffer, wool beanie, sun hat, and sunglasses. I have many more items to purchase.

I've also saved several long hikes on AllTrails (mobile app) that will help me train in nature with a weight pack. In addition, I've been active as usual.