Write the Docs 2021 Accompanying Content

This blog post accompanies my Write the Docs 2021 talk entitled “Almost None to Some: Driving DISQO’s Doc Culture as a Solo Documentarian”.  Here, you will find the mottos and writing prompts included in the final slides for each of the five topics we went over.

Thank you so much for attending, listening, and participating. I’ll add a link to the YouTube video once I have given the talk and WTD has published the content on their platforms.

Here are the slides.

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Find Comfort in Incompleteness 

Unhelpful Thought

I work towards perfect documentation. 

Find Comfort in Incompleteness Motto

I work towards good enough documentation. 

Writing Prompt

What does “good enough” mean to me, and how can I differentiate “good enough” from “perfect”?



Influence Don’t Force

Unhelpful Thought

I force people to see how important documentation is.

Influence Motto

I empower others to take responsibility for documentation. 

Writing Prompt

How can I promote documentation visibility and empowerment at my company? In which ways have I already done this?


Empower Others Through Onboarding and Training

Unhelpful Thought

I assume new engineers and other roles will gravitate to documentation on their own.

Empower Others Motto

I guide new employees through documentation. 

Writing Prompt

What does documentation onboarding look like to me? What would I want to walk someone through?


Establish Key Partnerships

Unhelpful Thought

I try to get everyone on board with documentation.

Establish Key Partnership Motto

I invite those interested and curious about documentation to be my allies. 

Writing Prompt

How do I currently keep myself open to partnerships within my organization? How can I promote a continued attitude of openness?


Find Your Place in the Org as a (Solo) Tech Writer

Unhelpful Thought

I’m a background player.

Find Your Place Motto

I have a strong identity within my organization. 

Writing Prompt

How do I perceive my own identity within my organization, and how do I want my identity within my organization to look?