Worth Beyond Descriptors

In an age where time is spoken of frequently and very often in terms of being fleeting, we can become accustomed to living with our heads down. And by that, I mean that we can get so entangled and ensnared in definitive markers of a human’s worth, especially when we find that the categorizations of worthiness are in our favor. All of the categorizations that we hear cannot function to our advantage if we do not recognize them for their purpose, to create distinctions, and thereby, barriers between a person’s culturally inundated self and their true self, which is worthy and untethered by this age’s menial and unimaginative descriptors.

Your worth as a human is not dependent. It’s not reliant on arbitrary measures like how much money you made last year, whether or not you’re currently working 40 hours per week, the social cache of your hobbies and interests, the estimated perception of your business network, or the title you put on your LinkedIn account. Your worth is beyond criteria, beyond rudimentary constraint, beyond definition.

Your worth as a human is not conditional. You are a ball of energy; in more concrete terms, you are an amalgamation of potentials. Your past does not negate your energy or render you minuscule. You do not lose or gain worth as you go through life, you either align more clearly with your inner self or go away from it. However, you always have the self-made opportunity to re-align and re-configure your life to manifest your true self.

Your worth as a human is unique and captivating. With an unrelenting creative spirit and will to live day to day, we are all our own in our unrivaled potentials. There is room for the creativity of everyone, especially considering that we are all impassioned with a barrage of differences and beautiful contradictions. Some of us write, some imagine great infrastructure, some think of creating the more efficient and long-lasting tool that will enable laborers time to create rather than toil, some are spiritual leaders, and much more.

As we move through this new era remarkably shifted and accommodating of human potential, we must move beyond descriptors of our human worth. We must recognize that our worth is not dependent and not conditional. It moves beyond outer misattributions and comes from recognizing personal truths and personal potential.