Why I’ll Succeed

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.” – Unknown

Life is more than continuous gain. It’s also loss, and loss is good. It means that I’m probably doing something right by refining my life, trimming those things I don’t need, and really only adding what I feel is vital to my wellbeing. If something’s not adding to my life in a positive way, it’s gone.

Here are some things I do differently that enable me to push myself towards success:

I expect a lot from myself. I reflect daily on my behavior and my day’s work. Many times, I recognize that I’ve not always been on my best terms with the world, so I note it as a discord with myself. I take observation too of environmental factors that cause reactions in me and ask myself if I can change my attitude towards the factor, or if I cannot. If I cannot, I find it very important for me to ask myself why, and oftentimes, I come to the conclusion that something isn’t working because it’s repelling me, and it’s just not quite where I should be. That’s when I need to take action and make a change.

I do not mourn rejection. I used to be upset with rejection until I realized that I was only adapting the feeling of rejection as a learned societal response. In fact, and on a very candid level, there is no such thing as rejection. If something is not meant for you; you cannot possibly get rejection, since there was no chance for you to acquire approval. Rejection is simply another way for the universe to notify you that the thing you “seek” is not seeking you.

Further, on a deeper level, you cannot earnestly have sought the thing you were rejected from. Think about it, fundamentally, happiness could never come from something that is not meant for you or that you would have to attain through overly-assertive means. Life is not as difficult as pounding your head again a brick wall to get things. If there is difficultly, it is only because the wrong things are being sought. The saying goes “The things you are seeking, are seeking you.”

I’m not afraid of being alone. This is probably the most important component and the one I worked for the most. I am not afraid to simply sit with myself in silence, and think and write and dream. It’s very common in our culture for people to have a consistent stream of distractions from being wholly with oneself. The issue with that is that it’s not really possible to tell if one is satisfied with herself without having the opportunity to be alone.

I’ll succeed through expecting a lot of myself, understand what rejection truly means, and being unafraid to continue to get to know myself. Continuously and unrelenting, I’ll intentionally minimizing those things in my life that don’t help me to move forward. I’ll continue to seek out success, just as it seeks me.