Upgrading your Mac to Catalina

I’m compiling some notes here for those upgrading their Mac to Catalina because there’s a lot of contradicting information online. This article is meant for a developer audience.

Your terminal will default to zsh instead of bash.

From what I have experienced so far, my terminal workflow is nothing different. I work out of my terminal directly for interacting with Git. You may have some issues at first. The following are some things to note about customizing zsh.

  1. You do not need to download a framework like oh-my-zsh.
  2. Instead, create a system file called .zshrc in your root directory. This file is very similar to your .bash-profile.
  3. Move your bash settings over to your new .zshrc file.
  4. I had issues with running Ruby on Catalina, so I had to add the following to my .zshrc file: export GEM_HOME=”$HOME/.gem” I also had to update Xcode.

Update. I went back to using bash because I was having a lot of issues once I started working with Slate again (it uses Ruby).

Basically, I was not able to bundle install on one of my projects. I finally got it to work after switching back to Bash and following the instructions on this StackExchange answer.

I’ll update this article if I come across more modifications I’ve had to make since upgrading to Catalina.