The Well-Cared for Pet

I’m a self-proclaimed cat lady, a “cat mom.” I also work as a Feline Adoption Counselor and Feline Behavior Evaluator at my local animal shelter. Living with my pet is very fulfilling and I am very thankful everyday for the love and presence offered by my cat. I see a wide variety of attitudes towards cats from visitors to the shelter and from people in my day-to-day life, not all of it being positive towards the species. Cats, and generally, animals, have tremendous power to alter their human companion’s thought patterns, moods, and even beliefs. Living with a well cared-for animal has the following attachments:

  1. Animals don’t see your flaws. Since animals see a perfect being that feeds them, brushes and cleans them, and gives them a warm place to sleep, they easily overlook lesser human traits. We have a wonderful saying at the shelter: “Be the person your pet thinks you are.”
  2. They remind you to take care of yourself. Sometimes I remember to drink water, or realize that I haven’t had any water on a given day, only because I check my cat’s water supply each day. Simple things I do for her help me to notice my primary needs.
  3. Animals can temper your mood and make you more aware. On a similar line of remembrance, animals can bring you into a more meditative and observatory mood. Animals have a variety of activity states, but watching a sleepy cat seems to tone some of those uneasy feelings you pick up during the day.
  4. They tune into a different energy spectrum. They notice and feel things differently than humans do. Animals live in a different mode than humans, more in tune with the earth’s cycles, like the moon shifts, the changing of the seasons, and even natural occurrences like storms. Noticing an animal’s different behaviors can help humans identify natural changes and also be more in tune with nature themselves.

Being attentive of your animal companion bring about a tremendous joy in your life as an imperfect human, a remarkable reminder at the simple primal things, an attentiveness to moods, and a tuning into the natural world.