Six Weeks of Morning Pages

For over six weeks now, I have made it a habit of getting up thirty minutes earlier than I normally need to for work. I brew some coffee and hop to my desk to write out three pages. Here’s what I’ve learned thus far:

  1. The Positivity Challenge. It’s much quicker to write about meaningless nuisances than it is to write positively. So I’ve begun challenging myself to write only about good thing. If I get stuck, I write down a quote from a philosopher, credit him or her, and move one.
  2. Settling with Myself. Hand in hand with the challenge, writing in the morning has allowed me to really position myself in preparing for the day. It lets me settle with myself before I have to talk to anybody else. Writing positively sets a mindset for a good day.
  3. Breaking the Routine. Rather than configuring to the normal format of getting up, getting dressed, and getting ready for work, I now have a wonderful thing to get excited about in the morning. It’s a small thing I can do for myself before I put on my customer service hat for the work day.
  4. Getting into Author Mode. When I write in the morning, I find it much easier to come home and start working on my larger writing project after cooking dinner. It’s about embodying that writer lifestyle, and making it a serious time commitment rather than just a hobby.
  5. Resolving Internal Conflicts. I have an overactive mind, I often wake up several times during the night to think. Writing in the morning has very slowly helped to ease that overactivity by allowing me a creative outlet.

Morning Pages is my practice writing time to refocus, recenter, and get in tune with myself before my other responsibilities kick-in. It’s a good way to slowly rewire the brain to think more positively and a creative outlet for the overzealous mind.