Power of Accountability

There’s an honest power in accountability that goes beyond having to admit wrong, and goes beyond putting yourself in a box of failure or shame. Accountability is a wonderful thing that all humans can harness in times when they have not been on their best behavior. Unless you do everything alone, everyone is bound to slip up and act out negative behaviors and use negative words. After this has occurred though, we all get the tremendous opportunity to accept accountability for our actions and words.

Invoking accountability onto an action or set of words can produce some of the following results:

  1. You get to move on. Once accountability is accepted, there emerges almost a segmentation of the actions and words from oneself. While those actions and words have still existed in the past, accountability offers the doer a chance to acknowledge the wrongdoing, and to freely accept the consequences of the actions or words, thereby encouraging a progression, as opposed to a repetition of the behavior or verbal emission.
  2. You get to learn a lesson. After one accepts accountability and the consequences of one’s actions, a lesson can sometimes be understood from the actions, words, and also from the consequences. Learning lessons in life is very fulfilling, and is not limited to a precious few with harder lives than the rest. Anyone can learn a lesson from taking accountability.
  3. You get to own the mistake rather than someone else owning it. This is where pride kicks in, if you admit a wrongdoing after recognizing an action, you’re the one who owns that wrongdoing. If you wait too long, or never admit a wrongdoing, someone else can swoop in and call out the wrongdoing. In this way, taking ownership means respecting your timing and your pride in your sense of autonomy and control over behaviors.
  4. You get to be around better people. This is probably the best part of it, once you start taking accountability, you may have the chance to develop a rapport as an individual who accepts accountability. Thereby, you signify to those right people that you’re a error-making human and that on top of that, you accept when you do wrong. Some will say it’s more fulfilling to be around people who accept their darker side and work to modify manifestations of it.

Accountability is not something handed to someone. Of course there are consequences to everything that we do. But beyond that, accepting and coming to terms with the actions and words drives us into a more advanced plane of human existed. Life can be causal, or it can be causal and autonomous simultaneously. The latter power comes with accepting personal responsibility, and enforces a more fulfilling lifetime.