Know Me

“I know you” is a very recurrent phrase that I have heard throughout much of my adult life. It was typically used in the sense of trying to predict my next step and my decision in the face of a choice I was to make.  I used to find it endearing and maybe even comforting, but in reality, it’s a warning. To claim to know somebody’s next step is massively diminishing of their power of free will, and in many cases, it has served for the other person to feel like they had dominion over my actions and peg me down into a pattern.

You are not an abstract variable of recurrent patterns.

Let your company lift you, not drag you. As George Washington said, “it is better to be alone than in bad company.” If your company serves to diminish you and make you smaller than you actually are, recognize the fact that you are more than the things they say you are, even if you were exactly what they defined you as at some point. The right people want you to succeed and are rooting for you, even if you haven’t met them yet. In the meantime, books make great company, for they will not serve to minimize you.

If you do not know yourself, others will define you to their benefit. This has less to do with things like your life purpose, and more with your sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. I’ve always had an impeccable guide for right and wrong (as I believe all of us do deep down); the thing is, I let people outside of myself tell me I was wrong about my internal compass. I would listen to them for a while, before realizing that they were convincing me that I was wrong because it served to their advantage.

You are allowed to change your mind. For years, I was told that I change my mind a lot. Now, all I can think of is, of course I change my mind! I am constantly learning new information, so to neglect to accommodate for the new information would be foolish. Changing my mind is what propels me forward, I’m always learning, re-evaluating, and re-inventing. In this case, I think of scientific discovery. If nobody ever changed their minds, we’d still believe the world is flat.

At the end of the day, the person who knows you best is yourself.  You have a good idea of what’s best for you in a given moment. You know deep down how your actions are creating your life, even if subconsciously. Your purpose in life is you, and you are here to know yourself, not for others to tell you who you are. Your potential lies not outside of yourself, but inside.