Habits of Empowerment

You don’t have to be in a position of power to feel empowerment. Often, it will be in those states of feeling like your time is not your own (or that you have no control over what you put out into the world) that you have the awesome opportunity to develop habits that make you feel empowered. My generation is made up of complete trailblazers who don’t stand to be limited because of their circumstances, their net worth, and their experience. Even if we don’t have much materially speaking, we are a group that will voice our needs and work to make a life that works better for our personalities, temperaments, and creative aspirations.

I often come to an end-of-the-week slump where I feel completely immobilized by tethering to my current workplace. It is a feeling that I am not using all of my skills, and that there is so much more I could be pulling out of myself and displaying. There could be a number of variables at play, which I will not go into in detail. But the takeaway is that I end the week feeling out of my power. I spend the weekend reclaim my identity, just to go back into the workweek and feel my power fluttering away again.

Even when we are not in optimal positions that suit us, we can develop habits of empowerment. These habits can keep us from feeling like our future is not completely in the hands of others. The following are the things that I do to reclaim my power and charge up for the upcoming workweek.

I acknowledge that I have room for my work at home.

I look at the space that I have cultivated in my apartment and in my personal life to play with other work that I do like writing for this blog, freelancing, and taking a ceramics class. I thank myself for giving myself the room to grow and I repeat to myself that the things I do at home will also help me to feel more satisfied at work.

I seek alternative opinions and work on my mind.

Every time I feel claustrophobic in my own life, I head to the bookstore. These tremendous places of knowledge open me back up and it’s inevitable that I walk out with a couple books and a smile on my face. Work is not the end of your mental stimulation. If you are like me, you absolutely crave learning new things and you’re always looking for new avenues of thought. I feel incredibly empowered when I learning new things, and even more so when I discover a new topic of interest.

I learn more about myself and dig into my feelings.

When I feel as though the outside world is not offering the attention, praise, or other egoic things I’d like, I dig deeper into myself. I do this by journaling and thinking. I ask myself why I put importance of specific segments of my life. I look at societal conditioning. I think about learned patterns. I dig into perception. I find comfort in understanding my own thought process and empowerment in my ability to be malleable.

Empowerment, like all things, comes from the self. The ego will convince you that you need something outside of yourself to acknowledge your worth. The ego will trick you into measuring yourself up to anyone other than yourself. Empowerment will set your ego down and explain to it very rationally that it doesn’t stand a chance. And when your ego tries to fight back with a booming voice and tears of rage, your inner power will soothe the wounded parts of yourself and set the ego back in its place.