Disorientation and Connection

In disorientation, physical and mental, I promptly shed the residue of action and appearance that I ordinarily ascribe to. Unfamiliarity brings out in me bravery and curiosity. Travel wakens calmness and a tremendous reduction in self-consciousness. This appears to be correlated with my shift in attention. When I am home and oriented, and familiar, I become bored and focus on myself too much. When I move and disorient myself, I focus outward. This in turn spurs more creativity and more movement of thought. I think more largely.

Disorientation breeds connection. When I focus outward, I am able to connect my mind with my actions, because I am communicating with the world around me. Thoughts of self reduce and I thoughtfully act in accordance with the confidence that comes with being out of my own head. I make room for learning about things outside of myself, and in such, come closer to recognizing my place and presence in this world. I re-establish the valuable feeling of being small. Museums bring this out in me the most.