Creative Progress Through Awareness

There is beauty in both creative process and progress; embracing the former encourages the latter. When working on a long-term goal, loving the process is vital to the daily carving away towards the goal. Take book writing for example. Without the love of writing, the book will be an arduous chore. With love, the process is a blossoming and unfolding of the creativity once entangled inside the writer. When working towards a goal, sometimes we think about the material emergence; sometimes we don’t think about the ties it will have to the rest of our lives. This is where awareness plays a very pertinent role in creation. These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself throughout the progress towards my goal:

  1. Will I be proud of what I create? Throughout life, you have many opportunities to create. It’s important to be discerning about what you create, since you have a plethora of chances. Positive creations such as beautiful poems, tense prose, vivid paintings, and airtight code can emerge but so can disjointed comedic performance and chaos through lack of articulation. We’re creating every single day, even in social media posts. Putting thought into whether or not we’re proud of our creative expressions ensures that we are wholly being ourselves and that we are creating positive creations.
  2. Do I earnestly love this? Do you earnestly love what you’re creating? It’s a potent question. For months, I was performing improv comedy and it took me over half a year to realize that I wasn’t enjoying it. I wasn’t earnestly loving the moments I was doing it. When I began writing again, I felt this wholeness, this indescribable wholeness of being and of total peace. When I write, I feel as if the whole world is at a stand-still and I’m being totally and irrevocably myself. I am projecting an endless flow of love to humankind through my writing; that’s the feeling I want to generally have when I’m creating.
  3. Do I want to put my name on this product? Many times, I’ve begun writing novels and stopped. This is perhaps the life of the young writer. Only once I realized that I would have my real name on my book did I recognize the immense requirement that I needed to be willing to accept all authorship for what I write. This goes hand in hand with being proud of what you create; putting your name on your product is your final approval.
  4. Am I being ethical about my process? Again along with being proud of what you create, it’s also important to think about how other people are impacted by your process and how they will be impacted by your final product. Are you adding goodness to this world or bringing in more darkness? Are you propelling the rhetoric of hatred forward, or are you acknowledging your dark side, taking responsibility for your creations, and consciously propelling positivity?

All of us are capable of immense creation throughout our lives. Being conscious, loving, proud, and ethical throughout the process shows in your art and makes the world a more positive place.