Morning Pages Check-In

If you trace back my history with Morning Pages, you will know that this is my second time starting them. I began the second process about six weeks ago. Morning Pages is simply making the time each morning to write three pages. I recently talked about getting back into Morning Pages and explained that I decided to go through the workbook by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way.

I am currently on my sixth week and there is a definite change in my ability to think creatively. That could have to do with a lot of new circumstances in my life as well. But I will give large credit to the Morning Pages. This exercise requires me to get out some of the whirling thoughts in my head. Afterwards, there is more calm within me because I have exhausted some of the brain excitement I get upon waking up. At the same time, Morning Pages are stimulating. I have courses of thoughts about all areas of my life – I can buy an audiobook for my long commute, I can be “LA traffic” for Halloween, I can buy a book on investment, I can start running on my lunch break.

Getting out some of the brain clutter has helped tune my thinking. Some of the clutter is painful and I continue to write it down. I go through the act of writing – and at the end of it, I put my notebook down for the day. I can walk away knowing that I could express my pain in a healthy way. Working alongside the book is soothing because a lot of the topics covered are about self-care and negating self-defeating thoughts. The other primary tool of the book is called the Artist Date. I didn’t know about this concept the first time that I did Morning Pages. The Artist Date is a weekly date that you set with yourself. You go spend some time alone for a few hours. I’ve been taking myself on Artist Dates to museums and bookshops, hiking and surfing.

Artist Dates allow me to give myself permission to be with myself. Normally, I feel rather agitated if I am not working on something or learning something new. I like to be continuously improving my mind. Artist Dates are an assignment from my workbook, so I get to feel productive while getting to know myself a bit better. My Artist Dates recently have been going to the beach and surfing.  I get to be away from technology, in nature, and exercising.

Perhaps the most tangibly rewarding part of Morning Pages is having a morning routine centered around paying attention to my thoughts and feelings. And not in an analyzing way. Morning Pages are simple. Just write down whatever comes to your head. Stream of consciousness. The beauty is the discipline of repeating the pages day after day. The calm is having a record of thoughts and being able to leave them undisturbed within the covers of a journal.