12 Weeks of Morning Pages

Morning Pages are the three pages that I write every morning before going about my daily activities; I do these seven days a week and I get no days off. And I love it. Last time I checked in (six weeks ago), I talked about challenging myself to write only positively, using the writing to get in a mindset for a good day, feeling like it breaks up my routine, getting into author mode, and calming my overactive mind. Here’s my new list of learned things, because the best thing about being a human is learning:

  1. Steadiness. When I’ve been at my best, or what I consider to be my best, there’s always something in my life that is steady and sustainable. At this point in my life, I have a few of those things, and Morning Pages is just another wonderful component to feeling stable.
  2. I missed one day.  In the past, I have given up upon missing one or a few sessions of a good activity or habit I was trying to form. I would give up because that’s the kind of attitude I saw in a lot of people. With Morning Pages, I missed a day and shrugged it off, because the bulk of my work is not in one day, it’s in a culmination of days.
  3. The Sit-Still. Sitting still and physically handwriting three pages is rewarding, but it also massively tests my attention span. There’s Instagram, Pinterest, the cat, a squirrel in the tree outside, and you just have to keep refocusing. I’m enjoying training myself to come back to my one activity.

The benefits of establishing this routine and this practice are largely understated; in some ways, Morning Pages brought me back to myself. Coming back to those things you love, those challenging things that you’re so passionate about, grounds you and allows you to grow in ways you really can’t plan or predict.